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Welcome to the Guide for the work with GWonline, the Bibliography, Filmography and Webography on Gender and War since 1600. This project collects and organizes secondary literature, women’s autobiographies, films and informative websites on this subject to make them available to the public. Alongside full-text searching, it allows users to explore the collections of curated sources through multiple entry points: author or director, publication or release date, collection, major wars, countries and regions or keywords.

GWonline is connected to the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Gender and War since 1600  edited by Karen Hagemann) (General Editor), Stefan Dudink and Sonya Rose (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press 2018). It also allows a literature search by handbook chapters.

This guide provides information about all aspects of the work of project coordinators and project assistants with GWonline.

Aims and Tasks of Work with GWonline

Project Director:

In addition to directing and guiding the work of the project coordinator and the project assistants with GWonline, the project director, Dr. Karen Hagemann (email:, is responsible for the further for development of the project and the PR for it in collaboration with the project coordinator and UNC IT Research.

Project Coordinator:

In addition to directing, guiding and controlling the work of the project assistants with GWonline, the project coordinator is responsible for integration and editing of entries him/herself and for working with the project director and UNC IT Research on the further for development of the project and the PR for it.

Project Assistants:

The main task of the project assistants is to update, enter and edit individual entries in GWonline as directed by the project coordinator or the academic director. This includes checking authors, titles, and other associated bibliographic information. Assistants are also responsible for tagging the entries with keywords, relevant wars, geographic information etc.

UNC IT Research:

The Systems Specialist from UNC Information Technology Services Research Computing William Schulz (email: has agreed to continue to work on the regular update of GWonline. Furthermore, he has agreed to work on the transfer from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. The project director and coordinator can contact him with any questions in respect of the website.

How to Access the GWonline

To access the GWonline, please go to Find the login prompt at the bottom of the menus at left. For “username,” use your initials in upper case and as “password” your Onyen or last name in lower case. If you have trouble accessing the website or working with it, please contact the project coordinator or Systems Specialist from UNC IT Research William Schulz at

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