The Crimean War and Irish Society

TitleThe Crimean War and Irish Society
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHuddie, Paul
Number of Pages228
PublisherLiverpool University Press

In this volume, the author aims to produce a 'home front' study of Ireland during the Crimean War, or, more specifically, Irish society's responses to that conflict. This book primarily encompasses the years of the conflict, from its origins in the 1853 dispute between Russia and the Ottoman Empire over the Holy Places, through the French and British political and later military interventions in 1854-5, to the victory, peace and homecoming celebrations in 1856. This study is also conducted within the broader contexts of the responses of the United Kingdom and broader British Empire, as well as Ireland's relationship with those political entities, and within Ireland's post-famine or mid-Victorian and even wider nineteenth-century history.

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