Parachutes and Petticoats: Welsh Women Writing on the Second World War

TitleParachutes and Petticoats: Welsh Women Writing on the Second World War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1992
Series EditorVerrill-Rhys, Leigh, and Deirdre Beddoe
PublisherHonno Autobiography
CitySouth Glamorgan

Barbara sifted through bloodstained paybooks and snapshots of men killed at Dunkirk, preparing to pass on the worst news to loved ones. Rosalind was suspended from her protected job as a schoolteacher when she refused to sign Swansea City Council's declaration of loyalty according to her pacifist principles. And, after the war's end, Mary, a nurse, confronted the horrors of Belsen firsthand, seeing some of the women she treated blossom in a few short weeks. An intimate portrayal of real women's lives from a different era, this collection features firsthand testimonies from World War II. Personalizing war struggles with authentic voices and providing an important historical account of the war's impact on the home front the UK as well as on the frontline, the stories include both joys found in tragic times and pains that were endured. [modified from Google Books]

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