Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSerra, Koldo
Running Time110 minutes
Date ReleasedApril 2016
DistributorBetta Pictures & Sony Pictures
Publication Languagebasque, english, german

This film explores the impact of censorship and repression during the Spanish Civil War. An American reporter and local censor fight to lift restrictions on the press that suppress the impact of the war on civilians as well as Basque resistance. When Germans bomb the city of Guernica on behalf of Franco, exposing war crimes becomes a vital weapon in the war against fascism.


James D'Arcy

María Valverde

Jack Davenport

Ingrid García Jonsson

Álex García

Bárbara Goenaga

Joachim Paul Assböck

Burn Gorman

Markus Oberhauser 


Directed by Koldo Serra

Produced by José Alba and Daniel Dreifuss

Screenplay by Barney Cohen and Carlos Clavijo

Story by Barney Cohen, Carlos Clavijo, José Alba, and Daniel Dreifuss

Music by Fernando Velázquez

Cinematography by Unax Mendia

Edited by Jose Manuel Jiménez


War, Romance, Drama

Alternate TitleGernika
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