Morse Code Wrens of Station X: Bletchley's Outer Circle

TitleMorse Code Wrens of Station X: Bletchley's Outer Circle
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGlyn-Jones, Anne
Number of Pages163
PublisherAmphora Press
CityExeter, UK

Anne Glyn-Jones opens up the secret world of the interceptors of German Morse Code signals during World War II. Leaving her girls boarding school with romantic ideas about joining the navy as a Wren, Anne had no idea that she would be working for the mysterious 'Station X', which we now know to be Bletchley Park. Round the clock shifts, bed bugs, rats and poor diet took its toll, as well as the ongoing lack of recognition from the Navy hierarchy. Morse Code Wrens of Station X is a very personal memoir of a young woman's experiences of war time service, as well as providing fascinating insights into the daily realities of the battle for military intelligence superiority. [Publisher]

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