I was a Communist for the F.B.I.

TitleI was a Communist for the F.B.I.
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1951
AuthorsDouglas, Gordon
Running Time83 minutes
Date Released2/1951
DistributorWarner Bros.
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageeng

A classic example of Cold War hysteria in early 1950s America. An FBI agent spends nine years pretending to be a member of the Communist Party. His story warned Americans about the threat of communist subversion. 


Frank Lovejoy

Dorothy Hart

Philip Carey

James Millican


Directed by Gordon Douglas

Produced by Bryan Foy

Screenplay by Crane Wilbur

Music by William Lava and Max Steiner

Cinematography by Edwin B. DuPar

Edited by Folmar Blangsted


Film-Nor, Mystery, Thriller

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