Stop Train 349

TitleStop Train 349
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1963
AuthorsHaedrich, Rolf
Running Time95 minutes
Date Released1963
DistributorAllied Artists Pictures
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageeng

Based on a true story, an East German's escape sparks an international crisis during the Cold War. A young man hops on a American military train, and its commanding officer initially refuses to turn him over. Soon, top brass in Washington and Moscow negotiate the tense crisis. 


José Ferrer

Sean Flynn

Nicole Courcel

Jess Hahn 


Directed by Rolf Hädrich

Produced by Hans Oppenheimer, Ray Ventura, and Victor Vicas (english version)

Written by Will Tremper, Jim Henaghan, Victor Vicas, and Norman Borisoff

Music by Claude Vasori and Peter Thomas

Cinematography by Roger Fellous

Edited by Georges Arnstam



Alternate TitleVerspätung in Marienborn; Le train de Berlin est arrêté; Un treno è fermo a Berlino
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