The Military Revolution in Russia, 1550–1682

TitleThe Military Revolution in Russia, 1550–1682
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsPaul, Michael C.
JournalThe Journal of Military History
Date Published01/2004

Much has been written about the Military Revolution, a series of changes in tactics and strategy, the scale of warfare, and the impact of warfare on society in the late sixteenth century and the first third of the seventeenth century. However, most of the discussion of the Military Revolution has centered on Western Europe. The Military Revolution in Eastern Europe and Russia is often poorly understood. From the mid-sixteenth to the late seventeenth century, the Russian armed forces underwent changes in tactics and organization that were truly revolutionary in their impact on Russian society and helped make Russia a significant power in Northern and Eastern Europe, laying the groundwork for the changes that Peter the Great was to bring about.

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