Beelden Van Een Strijd: Oorlog En Kunst Vóór De Vrede Van Munster 1621–1648

TitleBeelden Van Een Strijd: Oorlog En Kunst Vóór De Vrede Van Munster 1621–1648
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsVan Maarseveen, Michel P., Jos W. L. Hilkhuijsen, and Jacques Dane
Number of Pages383

In this beautifully published catalog, there are more than 150 objects that reveal aspects of the 1980s, from the end of the twelfth century to the peace of Munster. More than half are paintings, all shown in color. Battlefield scenes and rider battles show the war company in all its fierce and cruel siege, siege and army camps show combat breaks, village robbery and robbery on travelers and convoys form new scenes. There are also pennies, prints, cups and tiles, the latter also shown in color. Detailed introductory articles put the war and everything related to it in historical, the objects in an art historical perspective; The scenes on the 323 accompanying images in black and white are usually not distinguishable in detail by the relatively small format. The book significantly brings us an important piece of fatherly history. (Review)

Translated TitleImages of a Struggle: War And Art Before The Peace Of Munster 1621-1648
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