Das Deutsche Rote Kreuz: Eine Geschichte 1864–1990

TitleDas Deutsche Rote Kreuz: Eine Geschichte 1864–1990
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsRiesenberger, Dieter
Number of Pages785

The Red Cross societies, which were founded in 1864 at the instigation of the rulers of the German states, were supposed to take care of "warriors wounded and sick in the field". Only shortly after Henri Dunant's historic initiative after the Battle of Solferino, the DRK developed - today, with four million members, one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Germany and one of the oldest and largest in the association of the International Red Cross. Here, for the first time, a historian presents the comprehensive history of the association.

Translated TitleThe German Red Cross: A History 1864-1990
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