Wonder Woman, Schopenhauer, and Compassion

TitleWonder Woman, Schopenhauer, and Compassion
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsIrwin, William
JournalThe Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series
Date Published2017

Wonder Woman has always been a diplomat, a healer, and a teacher. And we can learn a lot from Diana, especially by watching her as she learns her own lesson. She goes from naïve, idealistic citizen of Themyscira to fatalistic pessimist, to compassionate, loving Goddess all in the span of two hours and fifteen minutes. Maybe we can find something there to inspire us toward our better selves. A command to be better. When we see that people are not what they should be, and when we are being led astray by egoism, resentment, hatred, or anger let Diana lead us back onto the path of love and compassion, so that we might see that we are better.

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