Frauen, erstanden aus dem Krieg: Koreakrieg und Gender

TitleFrauen, erstanden aus dem Krieg: Koreakrieg und Gender
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsYi, Im-ha
Number of Pages333
PublisherEOS Verlag
CitySt. Ottilien

The Korean War (1950-53) profoundly changed the position of the average Korean woman, who were completely subordinate to their husbands in the traditional social order. While the men fought in the war, women took on male dominated jobs in urban and rural areas. The increasing number of war widows had to make their own way as street vendors, factory workers or prostitutes. Even though the Korean War started a period of suffering for countless women, it at the same time enabled a hitherto unknown social emancipation. The author describes developments of Korea from a political, economic, social, legal and everyday history point of view.

Translated TitleWomen, Risen from War: The Korean War and Gender
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