Male Fantasies

TitleMale Fantasies
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsTheweleit, Klaus
Number of Volumes2
Number of Pages1024
PublisherUniversity of Minnesota Press

This classic study by the German literary science scholar and sociologist Klaus Theweleit came out 1977 in German as Männerphantasien, which was  translated as Male Fantasies in the 1987 English edition. It focuses on the highly gendered fantasies that preoccupied German men in the Freikorps (Free Corp)  founded in the aftermath of World War I during the  November Revolution 1918-19. Consisting largely of World War I veterans the Freikorps developed quickly into a paramilitary militia. During the Novemberrevolution they were mustered to fight on behalf of the new social democratic controlled government against the left, despite the fact that many Freikorps men despised the new Weimar Republic. They played a crucial role in the rise of Nazism in Weimar Germany. Theweleit draws upon the novels, letters, and autobiographies of these proto-fascists and their contemporaries, seeking out and reconstructing their gender images, especially fantasies of women. He also uses cartoons, advertisements, engravings, and posters of the era to illustrate his arguments. Throughout the book Theweleit uses concepts and terminology of works  by Margaret Mahler, Wilhelm Reich, Melanie Klein, and Michel Foucault among others to develop his theory of the fascist male socialization.

Volume 1: Women, Floods, Bodies, History, 517 pages

Volume 2: Male Bodies - Psychoanalyzing the White Terror, 507 pages

Original PublicationMännerphantasien
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