Lolas' House: Filipino Women Living with War

TitleLolas' House: Filipino Women Living with War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsM. Galang, Evelina
Number of Pages280
PublisherCurbstone Books/Northwestern University Press
CityEvanston, Illinois

Lolas’ House tells the stories of sixteen surviving Filipino “comfort women.”M. Evelina Galang enters into the lives of the women at Lolas’ House, a community center in metro Manila. She accompanies them to the sites of their abduction and protests with them at the gates of the Japanese embassy. Each woman gives her testimony, and even though the women relive their horror at each telling, they offer their stories so that no woman anywhere should suffer wartime rape and torture. Lolas’ House is a book of testimony, but it is also a book of witness, of survival, and of the female body. Intensely personal and globally political, it is the legacy of Lolas’ House to the world. [From Publisher]

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