Lull before the Storm : Germany in the Summer of 1938

TitleLull before the Storm : Germany in the Summer of 1938
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsButterworth, Miriam
Number of Pages87
PublisherAntrim House
CitySimsbury, Connecticut

Consisting of the author's journal entries and later commentary, Lull Before the Storm by Miriam Brooks Butterworth is a harrowing report on people and conditions in 1938 Germany just prior to World War II, when the author spent a summer studying at the University of Heidelberg and traveling widely on bicycle and foot... Now 98, Miriam ("Mims") Butterworth is clear about her priorities and responsibilities: civil liberties cannot be taken for granted, and we who are privileged to live in this country must protect them for future generations.[Antrim House web page]

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