The way Utah worked

TitleThe way Utah worked
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBasso, Matthew, and John Perry Christensen
Series EditorUtah Humanities, Smithsonian Institution, and Utah Division of State History
Number of Pages24
PublisherUtah Humanities
CitySalt Lake City, UT

This work deals with the working class of Utah, including midwives, labor unions, and minors. It also focuses on issues of discrimination and World War II.

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Family and community --
Hannah Sorenson : for community and for pay : the rare case of Utah's midwives --
Industralization spurs creation of labor unions --
Inequalities and discrimination in the workplace --
Annabelle Weakley : business owner and community builder --
Rafael Lopez : minor, outlaw, and folk hero --
Government work as community work --
Leonard Swett : government work on the frontier --
Utah rises : stepping up for the nation with keeping the homefires burning --
Contemporary Utah : new or not-so-new work ways? --
Ed LaChapelle : brainpower, the muscle behind Utah's contemporary economy --
How do you make a living?

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