Reconstructing the Middle East: Political and Economic Policy

TitleReconstructing the Middle East: Political and Economic Policy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsAlkebsi, Abdulwahab, Nathan J. Brown, and Charlotta Sparre
Number of Pages268
CityNew York

It is clear by now that the label ‘Arab Spring’ has proven too simplistic to describe the uprisings that upended the political order of the Arab world in late 2010. Reconstructing the Middle East examines the changes that happened within the region from 2010 and the long-term challenges and opportunities they present. Featuring the work of authors with a diversity of perspectives, most of whom hail from the region, it addresses key issues of political, economic and societal changes, the role of young people and of the international community. In addition, the book deals with the questions of both political and economic reform, and the intertwined nature of the two.

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