Gendering the American Enemy in Early Cold War Soviet Films (1946-1953)

TitleGendering the American Enemy in Early Cold War Soviet Films (1946-1953)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsRiabov, Oleg
JournalJournal of Cold War Studies
Start Page193
Date Published2017

Analyzing Soviet films and film criticism from the late Stalin period, this article shows how Soviet cinematographers exploited gender discourse to produce Otherness. Cinematic representations of U.S. femininity, masculinity, love, sexuality, and marriage played an important role in constructing external and internal Enemies. The image of the American Other helped shape Soviet gender and political orders. Internal enemies’ “groveling before the West” on political matters was depicted as causing gender deviancy, and the breaking of Soviet gender norms was shown to lead to political crimes.

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