Gender and Crisis in Global Politics (Journal Issue)

TitleGender and Crisis in Global Politics (Journal Issue)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSjoberg, Laura, Heidi Hudson, and Cynthia Weber
JournalInternational Feminist Journal of Politics
Issue4 (Special Issue)
Date Published11/2015

If we are to believe what newspapers, news media and even IR's journals often suggest, the global political arena is (again) in a time of crisis. Different sources pay attention to different crises: the Global Financial Crisis, the Debt Crisis, the Crisis of ISIL/Daesh in Iraq and Syria, the Crisis of Israel and Palestine and the Iran Nuclear Crisis have gotten significant attention in media coverage of global politics. However, those are not the only crises that scholars and practitioners discuss. Environmentalists warn of an ecological crisis, health scholars warn of disease crises, cyber-security experts suggest a coming information crisis and migration experts warn of population crises. Feminist work on searching for silences – what is not said and what is not prioritized – suggests that it is important to pay as much attention to what is not swept up in the rhetoric of crisis as to what is included. Why, for example, is rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo not considered to be a crisis? Why are high maternal mortality rates not frequently characterized as crises? Why is there not a "crisis" of the tendency to drastically underpay female workers, worldwide?

This issue, then, aims to explicitly theorize the conceptualization of crisis, its gendered dimensions and/or gender-based crises.

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