Gewalt und Geschlecht: Männlicher Krieg – Weiblicher Frieden?

TitleGewalt und Geschlecht: Männlicher Krieg – Weiblicher Frieden?
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPieken, Gorch
Corporate AuthorsMilitärhistorisches Museum Bundeswehr
Number of Volumes2
Number of PagesVol. I (Edited Volume): pp. 448, Vol. II (Catalogue): pp. 648
PublisherSandstein Verlag

Male war - female peace? Or is what is considered to be typically male and female  behavior in respect of violence  the result of social rules and cultural traditions, which can consequently also be changed? Just as war arises from peace and peace is not a non-violent state, the distinction between the sexes is not as clear as the notions of the "peaceful woman" and the "violent man" suggests. These two volumes include an exhibition cataloug that presents a selection of the over 1.000 objects and works - including paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, scientific studies, surgical devices, uniforms, diaries, weapons, vehicles, everyday objects, archaeological finds, sound documents and films - presented by this 2018 exhibition of the Military History Museum in Dresden, Germany. These objects and works reveal surprising interdisciplinary perspectives and create an exciting and insightful panorama on the area of tension between violence and gender. The second volume includes a collection of essays on the subject of gender and war in German by more than 40 authors from various disciplines who have dealt with these questions. Surprising associations and cross-references to human history shake supposed certainties.

Translated TitleViolence and Gender: Male War - Female Peace?
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