Hannah Snell: The Secret Life of a Female Marine, 1723-1792

TitleHannah Snell: The Secret Life of a Female Marine, 1723-1792
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsStephens, Matthew
PublisherShip Street Press

In 1750, Hannah Snell captivated London theatre audiences with tales of her disguise as a man. This is the account of woman whose extraordinary personal story took on a life of its own and remains almost as well-known today as when it was first told. Paradoxically, the way in which this manufactured narrative, 'brand Hannah', was communicated to its eighteenth-century audience, is more familiar to a 21st century reader than it would ever have been to many of the great female soldiers of history, like Joan of Arc. Join Hannah in her topsy-turvy world in which things are never quite as they seem. [WorldCat]

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