Lumumba: La mort du prophète

TitleLumumba: La mort du prophète
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsPeck, Raoul
Running Time69 min
Date Released11/1991
DistributorCalifornia Newsreel
CountryFrance; Switzerland: Germany; Congo
Publication LanguageFrench; English

This documentary centers around Patrice Lumumba, who served as the first prime minister of the independent Democratic Republic of the Congo for two months until he was driven from office, and tells the story of his life, his goals, his accomplishments, and, ultimately, his assassination in the period immediately before and after the Congo achieved independence from Belgium. 


Directed by Raoul Peck

Produced by Andreas Honegger, Dagmar Jacobsen, and Raoul Peck

Written by Raoul Peck

Edited by Aïlo Auguste-Judith, Raoul Peck, and Eva Schlensag

Cinematography by Matthias Kälin and Philippe Ros

Translated TitleLumumba: The Death of a Prophet
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