New Zealand and the First World War

TitleNew Zealand and the First World War
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHistory, New Zealand
Place PublishedWellington, New Zealand

Of the 250,000 of eligible age in 1914, nearly 100,000 New Zealand men served overseas. New Zealand forces were involved in the conflict from the capture of Samoa in 1914 to the end of the fighting on Armistice Day in 1918. WWI had a seismic impact on New Xealand, reshaping the country's perception of itself and its place in the world. This website produced by the History Group of the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage provide critical information, data and maps of New Zealand's role in the First World War. It provides articles of New Zealand's efforts in Gallipoli & the Balkans, the Western Front, the Middle East, at sea, in the air, and at homefront. It also provides maps of where New Zealand came to take part in the First World War. 

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