Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHertzberg, Paul, Lisa Hansen, Graham Winter, Rebecca Morrison, James Seale, Mark Dacascos, John Rhys-Davies, Tamara Davies, G. W. Bailey, Mark Rolston, Rayne Marcus, Rutger Hauer, Maximo Munzi, Thomas Monauni, Mark Manos, Bill Brown, Nikki Siegenberg, Timothy Roberts, Cenetel Films( Firm), Dimension Home Video Firm), and Buena Vista Home Firm)
Running Time1 hr, 31 min
Date Released2003
DistributorDimension Home Video; Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment
CountryNew York City, NY, USA
Publication Languageeng

After a disastrous nuclear accident intended to save humanity, scientists discover the earth's tectonic plates are shifting and creating immense pressure that will destroy the earth in a fiery global eruption, and it is up to a few top scientists to find a way to stop it. (WorldCat)

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