The Bedford Incident

TitleThe Bedford Incident
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1965
AuthorsHarris, James B., Richard Widmark, James Poe, Sidney Poitier, James MacArthur, Martin Balsam, Wally Cox, Eric Portman, Gerard Schurmann, Mark Rascovich, Columbia Pictures Corporation, and Columbia TriStar Ho Firm)
Running Time1 hr, 42 min
Date ReleasedOctober 11, 1965
DistributorColumbia TriStar Home Entertainment
CountryCA, USA
Publication LanguageEnglish

Richard Widmark portrays the captain of a newly launched U.S. Destroyer who is obsessed with hunting down a particular Soviet submarine regardless of the great risks involved. His salty character clashes with a quick-witted journalist (Sydney Poiter) who is on board to cover the trip for a magazine. In spite of the dangers, he pushes his men forward to discover the origins of an unmarked submarine navigating through the waters. Based on the novel by Mark Rascovich. (Amazon)

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