Eine Welt von Feinden: Der Grosse Krieg 1914-1918

TitleEine Welt von Feinden: Der Grosse Krieg 1914-1918
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
Series EditorKruse, Wolfgang
Number of Pages254
PublisherFischer Taschenbuch Verlag

Whether as a "breakdown of civilization" or cheered as a "turning point," the First World War has always moved people. It was not only the European system of states and the imperialist system that had been transformed, but this first "total war" also encompassed all social spheres: state functions and economic structures, political systems, social conditions and conflicts, the understanding of history and culture, and the conditions of the sexes to one another. The authors present the most important topics of the history of the First World War in an international context.

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