Gender, Sexuality, and Violence in Humanitarian Crises

TitleGender, Sexuality, and Violence in Humanitarian Crises
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsHilhorst, Dorothea, Holly Porter, and Rachel Gordon
Date Published12/2017

Gender, sexuality, and violence have attracted significant attention in the sphere of humanitarianism in recent years. While this shift builds on the earlier 'Gender and Development' approach and the 'Women, Peace, and Security Agenda', analytical depth is lacking in practice. Notably, 'gender' often means a singular concern for women, neglecting questions of agency and the dynamic and changing realities of gendered power relations. This introductory paper of the special issue of the journal Disasters on "Gender, Sexuality, and Violence in Humanitarian Crises" examines why this neglect occurs and proposes a more relational approach to gender. It explores how the contributions to this special issue of Disasters revisit classic gender issues pertaining to violence, livelihoods, and institutions in different settings of humanitarian emergencies, while expanding one's vision beyond them.

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