‘We Were Soldiers’: Jamaican Women Enlist in World War II

Title‘We Were Soldiers’: Jamaican Women Enlist in World War II
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBean, Dalea
Book TitleJamaican Women and the World Wars : On the Front Lines of Change
Pagination187 - 223
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
CityKingston, Jamaica

This chapter focuses on the experience of Jamaican women who served in the British army and examines their motives for participating in World War II. The results of participation are also assessed, around themes relating to what was achieved for King, country and self. The chapter begins with an overview of the long battle to get the British War Office to accept Jamaican women in the army. This background to enlistment is juxtaposed against the oral accounts of the soldier’s experience before, during and after their service. Their ability to utilise every opportunity for self-advancement as a result of the war is the hallmark of this section. (Publisher)

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