De la Violencia y de las Mujeres: España, 1808-1918

TitleDe la Violencia y de las Mujeres: España, 1808-1918
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsOrtega, Marie-Linda, and Sylvie Turc-Zinopoulos
Number of Pages229
PublisherP.I.E. Peter Lang, DL
CityBrussels, Belgium

This book shows that in the face of the violence of the wars and the political conflicts of the 19th century, the Spanish women engaged, fought, and defended their rights, sometimes resorting to violence. This book studies the literary, journalistic and iconographic representations of these women and reserves a place for women's reflection on violence.

Translated TitleOf Violence and Women: Spain, 1808-1918
Original PublicationDe la violence et des femmes: Espagne, 1808-1918
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