Genero y Conflictos Armados: Colección de Recursos de Apoyo

TitleGenero y Conflictos Armados: Colección de Recursos de Apoyo
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBell, Emma, and Lata Narayanaswamy
Number of Pages75
PublisherInstitute of Development Studies

This collection of resources on gender and armed conflicts illustrates how gender inequality intersects with armed conflict and its aftermath, resulting in a gender-specific disadvantage that often goes unnoticed. It offers summaries of key resources, tools and guides that cover a range of topics, including: conflict prevention and management; understand and confront gender-based violence; men and masculinity; health, HIV and AIDS; small and light weapons; protection of displaced persons and humanitarian assistance; disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR); peace building and reconstruction; lobbying and organization of women within the peace process. The collection includes the full text of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 of October 2000, as well as a list of relevant international laws and commitments that protect the rights of women. It also presents detailed case studies of successful practices, as well as lessons learned from various contexts such as Kosovo, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Finally, it provides information about courses, useful internet sites and details to contact the organizations mentioned.

Translated TitleGender and Armed Conflicts: Collection of Support Resources
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