Homosexuel.le.s en Europe pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale

TitleHomosexuel.le.s en Europe pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSchlagdenhauffen, R├ęgis
Number of Pages232
PublisherNouveau Monde ├ęditions

The Second World War was marked by an increased repression of homosexuals in many European countries. This work questions the daily life of homosexual women and men in wartime, going beyond the question of persecution of homosexuals, of which we know the central role played by Nazi Germany. By calling on European specialists, this book opens up another story, marked certainly by repression, but also tinged with engagement in armies at war and resistance in clandestine networks. This is a first study on the scale of the European continent which allows us to better understand, chapter after chapter, why the Second World War constitutes a pivotal period for homosexuals in Europe. [translated and modified from book]

Translated TitleHomosexuals in Europe during the Second World War
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