Kriegsende 1918: Ereignis, Wirkung, Nachwirkung

TitleKriegsende 1918: Ereignis, Wirkung, Nachwirkung
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsDuppler, Jörg, and Gerhard Paul Gross
Number of Pages432
PublisherOldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag

Eighty years after the end of the war, academic research in Europe and the USA on the First World War has undergone a renaissance. Historians from Germany and abroad, who are concerned with the whole spectrum of the first "modern" war in Europe, held a conference at the Military History Research Office. Thus, along with long-established approaches to the exploration of the Great War in this volume, there are also recent historiographic approaches that address questions of the history of mentality with regard to the war.

Translated TitleEnd of the War in 1918: Event, Effect, Aftermath
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