Les femmes dans la révolution russe

TitleLes femmes dans la révolution russe
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMarie, Jean-Jacques
Number of Pages382
PublisherÉditions du Seuil

This is the first book in French to focus on the role of women in the Russian revolution. Acclaimed historian of communism Jean-Jacques Marie sheds light on the way in which the emancipation of Russian women is intimately linked to the historic development between the Revolution of 1905 and  the two Revolutions of 1917. He traces their struggle and the changes it triggered. He tells the stories of revolutionary women, from populist heroines to the respectful petitioners shot or slashed from Red Sunday. Whether they were commissioners of the armies, theoreticians, warlords, committed journalists, declared terrorists, or at the head of insurgent bands, the actions of these women accompanied a radical legislative and social change, from the right to vote and eligibility to the right of abortion given  to all Soviet women in 1920.

Translated TitleThe Women in the Russian Revolution
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