Sofía Casanova: Género y Espacio Público en la Gran Guerra

TitleSofía Casanova: Género y Espacio Público en la Gran Guerra
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCrespo, Pedro Ochoa
Number of Pages352
PublisherPlaza y Valdés

The life of Sofia Casanova ran parallel to great events in European contemporary history. A life of almost one hundred years deployed between 1861 and 1958, which was not alien to the political, cultural and social movements that marked the evolution of modern societies. Her chronicles in the newspaper ABC reported her experience as a Red Cross nurse, mother, writer and grandmother, in the biggest war conflict known to date. The war took her to Saint Petersburg at a decisive historical moment: the Russian revolutions that led to the birth of the Soviet Union. Through a historical analysis and with a gender perspective, Pedro Ochoa interweaves a story that serves to observe the ways in which Casanova dislocated the boundaries between public and private. From her social conservatism, Sofia Casanova was able to transcend the limits set by the norms, enhancing her political and social voice. The implications of all this in her daily life and in her role as a writer serve to spin a narrative aimed at throwing light on the options of social transformation that European women had in the twentieth century. [Publisher]

Translated TitleSofia Casanova: Gender and Public Space in the Great War
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