Chanter la Grande Guerre: les poilus et les femmes

TitleChanter la Grande Guerre: les poilus et les femmes
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSimon-Carrère, Anne
Number of Pages288
PublisherChamp Vallon
CitySeyssel, France

In the context of World War I, singing seems derisory or even inappropriate. Yet this war inspired thousands of verses and refrains that tell of the suffering of men and women facing the challenge of separation. In turn somber, comical or serious, these songs evoke the hopes of the engaged, the sufferings of the wounded, the sexual and emotional lack of couples, and the infinite sorrow of the mothers. The songs evoke the life lived, on a daily basis, by men and women who faced the brutality of war and its demands, which widened the gap between masculine and feminine values. While the men at the front had to deal with their bruised bodies and the fear of abandonment and unfaithfulness, women did not remain inactive: songs portray the brave mother, the nurse, the godmother, and the singer all show bravery and determination. War songs also show how segregation imposed on men and women has helped to redefine the traditionally accepted images of men and women in society. (FNAC)

Translated TitleSinging the Great War: Veterans and Women
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