Lady Death: the Memoirs of Stalin's Sniper

TitleLady Death: the Memoirs of Stalin's Sniper
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPavlychenko, Li︠u︡dmyla
Series EditorBegunova, Alla Igorevna, and David Foreman
Number of Pages252
PublisherGreenhill Books
CityBarnsley, S. Yorkshire, England

Pavlichenko was World War II's best-scoring sniper and had a varied wartime career that included trips to England and America. In June 1941, when Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, she left her university studies, ignored the offer of a position as a nurse, to become one of Soviet Russia's 2000 female snipers. Less than a year later she had 309 recorded kills, including 29 enemy sniper kills. She was withdrawn from active duty after being injured: she was also regarded as a key heroic figure for the war effort. (Publisher)

Original PublicationI - sniper: in battles for Sevastopol and Odessa
Reprint Edition2015
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