Martirio y Heroismo de la Mujer Alemana del Este: Fragmento de la Pasión Silesiana, 1945-1946

TitleMartirio y Heroismo de la Mujer Alemana del Este: Fragmento de la Pasión Silesiana, 1945-1946
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKaps, Johannes
Number of Pages124
PublisherPublicep Libros Digitales
CityMadrid, Spain

This book is a collection of documents on the rapes, murders, robberies and pillage by the Soviet soldiers in Germany during the Second World War Martyrdom and heroism of the East German woman is about the horrors suffered by the German civilian population (women, children, religious , mainly) at the hands of the Soviet and Polish hordes, who occupied this territory at the end of the Second World War. No atrocity was spared: murders, rapes, mutilations, torture, robbery, looting, gratuitous destruction, deportation to Siberia (which led to an almost certain death) to end the expulsion from their land they had lived for hundreds of years in such atrocious conditions that of the thirteen million expelled, a calculation for the low estimates in three million the deaths produced. And it was not just Red Army soldiers who perpetrated such crimes. Many times they were overtaken by the Poles, who, defeated by the German Army, saw the opportunity to obtain a "victory" over unarmed civilians and incidentally to steal everything they had. That we know the Polish Pontiff John Paul II has never spoken of such acts committed by his compatriots.

Translated TitleMartyrdom and Heroism of the East German Woman: Fragment of the Silesian Passion, 1945-1946
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