Les femmes en guerre, 1939-1945: Les oubliées de l'histoire

TitleLes femmes en guerre, 1939-1945: Les oubliées de l'histoire
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsOriol-Maloire, Albert
Number of Pages141

The struggles that marked the destiny of France were diverse: those of workers, emancipators, liberators, conquerors, and more. And in the proliferation of social conquests, in the tumult of great outbursts, and in that of real refusals, women were never absent. By their attitude, we can better understand how, coming from different backgrounds and different backgrounds, these women dedicated themselves to activities that involved even the sacrifice of their lives and, for many, that of their children. There were the figureheads whose names are known, and sometimes engraved on the streets or on the plaques of monuments, and then there were the others, all the others. This book salutes these anonymous rebels, these victims of the annihilation camps, whether they were deported as a result of their race or because of their actions toward resistance. This book is dedicated to these liberation army fighters who came from overseas, England or emerged from the woods, and these thousand workers, nurses, paramedics, or volunteers within the multiple cogs of a rediscovered army. [translated from preface]

Translated TitleWomen in War, 1939-1945: The Forgotten of History
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