Jeux interdits / Forbidden Games

TitleJeux interdits / Forbidden Games
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1952
AuthorsClément, René
Running Time1h 26min
Date Released05/09/1952
DistributorLes Films Corona
Publication LanguageFrench

Forbidden Games is a 1952 French war drama film directed by René Clément and based on François Boyer's novel Jeux Interdits. In 1940, five-year-old Paulette loses her parents and her dog to a Nazi air attack in the country while escaping Paris. The eleven-year-old peasant Michel Dolle sees the girl wandering with her dead dog in her hands and brings her to his home. She is welcomed and lodged by his simple family and she becomes a close friend of Michel's. They bury her dog and decide to build a cemetery for animals and insects, stealing crosses from the cemetery, trying to come to terms with the realities of death.

Original PublicationJeux interdits
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