Indigènes / Days of Glory

TitleIndigènes / Days of Glory
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBouchareb, Rachid
Running Time128 min
Date Released2006/09/27
Publication LanguageFrench, Arabic

This film portrays the experiences of four men from Algeria who volunteer to fight with the Allied army during WWII to help liberate France from Germany's rule: Saïd, dirt poor and an orderly for a grizzled sergeant; Martinez, a pied noir with some willingness to speak up for his Arab troops; Messaoud, a crack shot, who falls in love with a French woman; and Abdelkader, a corporal and budding intellectual with a keen sense of injustice. The men fight with courage against a backdrop of small and large indignities: French soldiers get better food, time for leave, and promotions. Is the promise of liberty, equality, and fraternity hollow? [iMDB]

Translated TitleDays of Glory
Alternate Titleباديون
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