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Author Title Year of Publication City
Klaus Latzel Soldatinnen: Gewalt und Geschlecht im Krieg vom Mittelalter bis heute 2011 Paderborn
Klaus Latzel Soldatinnen in der Geschichte: Weibliche Verletzungsmacht als Herausforderung 2011 Paderborn
Lavrín, Asunción Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America 1989 Lincoln
Le Naour, Jean-Yves Familles à l'épreuve de la guerre 2018
Lee, Wayne E. Empires and Indigenes: Intercultural Alliance, Imperial Expansion, and Warfare in the Early Modern World 2011 New York
Lemarchand, René Forgotten Genocides: Oblivion, Denial, and Memory 2011 Philadelphia
Lenṭin, Ronit Thinking Palestine 2008 London
Leszczawski-Schwerk, Angelique "Töchter des Volkes" und "Stille Heldinnen": Polnische und Ukrainische Legionärinnen im Ersten Weltkrieg 2011 Paderborn
British Library World War I: The British Library N/A
Licata, Salvatore J. The Gay Past: A Collection of Historical Essays 1985 New York
Liddington, Jill 'Wars Will Cease When…': Feminism and Anti-militarism in Britain, 1918–1939 1995 Lewiston, NY
Lim, Jie-Hyun Gender Politics and Mass Dictatorship: Global Perspectives 2011 Basingstoke
Linch, Kevin Britain's Soldiers: Rethinking War and Society, 1715-1815 2014 Liverpool
Marcel van der Linden Kriegsbegeisterung und mentale Kriegsvorbereitung: Interdisziplinäre Studien 1991 Berlin
Lindley-French, Julian The Oxford Handbook of War 2012 Oxford
Lindman, Janet Moore "Play the Man ... for Your Bleeding Country": Military Chaplains as Gender Brokers During the American Revolution 2011 New York
Lindsay, Lisa A. Biography and the Black Atlantic 2014 Philadelphia
Lippard, Cameron D. War: Contemporary Perspectives on Armed Conflicts Around the World 2018 New York, NY
Litoff, Judy Since You Went Away: World War II Letters from American Women on the Home Front 1991 New York
Litoff, Judy Barrett We're in This War Too: World War II Letters from American Women in Uniform 1994 New York
Liu, Lydia H. Tokens of Exchange: The Problem of Translation in Global Circulations 1999 Durham, NC
Lone, Stewart Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Asia: From the Taiping Rebellion to the Vietnam War 2007 Westport, CT
Lorentzen, Lois Ann The Women and War Reader 1998 New York
Alegre Lorenz, David Europa Desgarrada: Guerra, Ocupación y Violencia, 1900-1950 2018 Zaragoza, Spain
Lovejoy, Paul E. Slavery in Africa 2012 London
Löw, Andrea Alltag im Holocaust: Jüdisches Leben im Großdeutschen Reich, 1941–1945 2013 Munich
K. E. Luard Unknown Warriors: Extracts from the Letters of K. E. Luard, R.R.C. Nursing Sister in France, 1914-1918 1930 London
Lucas, Charles Prestwood The Empire at War 1923 London ; New York
Ludwig, Ulrike Ehre und Pflichterfüllung als Codes militärischer Tugenden 2014 Paderborn
Lynn, John A. Feeding Mars: Logistics in Western Warfare from the Middle Ages to the Present 1993 Boulder, CO
MacKenzie, John M. The Imperial Pioneer and Hunter and the British Masculine Stereotype in Late Victorian and Edwardian Times 1987 New York
MacKenzie, John M. Imperialism and Popular Culture 1986 Manchester
MacKenzie, John M. Popular Imperialism and the Military: 1850–1950 1992 Manchester ; New York
Macleod, Jenny Defeat and Memory: Cultural Histories of Military Defeat in the Modern Era 2008 Basingstoke, UK
Macleod, Emma V. 'Thinking Minds of Both Sexes': Patriotism, British Bluestockings and the Wars against Revolutionary America and France, 1775–1802 2010 Basingstoke, UK
Maffi, Davide Tra Marte e Astrea: Giustizia e giurisdizione militare nell'Europa della prima età moderna (secc. 16.-18) 2012 Milan
Maierhofer, Waltraud Women Against Napoleon: Historical and Fictional Responses to his Rise and Legacy 2007 Frankfurt am Main and New York
Florence Doé de Maindreville La Grande Guerre en musique: Vie et création musicales en France pendant la Première Guerre mondiale 2014 Brussels
Mair, Lucille Mathurin Recollections of a Journey into a Rebel Past 1990 Wellesley, MA
Mair, Lucille Mathurin Women Field Workers in Jamaica during Slavery 2001 Mona, Jamaica