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This search screen is set up to allow users to to search for titles using one or more keywords. They can search for titles by author and publication date, but also look for titles that cover a specific region, country, time period or major war. In addition, users can narrow their searches with thematic keywords, based on a selection of broad terms defined by the editors of the Oxford Handbook of Gender and War since 1600 (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2018) including Karen Hagemann (General Editor), Stefan Dudink, and Sonya Rose. These terms represent some of the handbook's central themes and questions. For information on the various keywords and tags associated with this bibliography, filmography and webography, go to About the Search Options.

Author Title Year of Publication City, Country
Scott, Joan Wallach Gender and the Politics of History 1999 New York
Scott, Wilbur J. Gays and Lesbians in the Military: Issues, Concerns, and Contrasts 1994 New York
Scott, caroline Holding the Home Front The Women's Land Army in the First World War. 2017 Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Scully, Pamela Gender and Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World 2005 Durham, NC
Shackelford, Todd K. The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Perspectives on Violence, Homicide, and War 2012 Oxford ; New York
Sharp, Ingrid Aftermaths of War: Women's Movements and Female Activists, 1918-1923 2011 Leiden; Boston
Sharp, Ingrid Women activists between war and peace: Europe, 1918-1923. 2017 London; New York
Sharpley-Whiting, T. Denean Spoils of War: Women of Color, Cultures, and Revolutions 1997 Lanham
Sheehan-Dean, Aaron A Companion to the U.S. Civil War 2014 Hoboken, NJ
Sheehan-Dean, Aaron A Companion to the U.S. Civil War 2014 Malden, MA
Shehadeh, Lamia Rustum Women and war in Lebanon 1999 Gainesville, U.S.A.
Sayre Sheldon Her War Story: Twentieth-Century Women Write About War 1999 Carbondale
Shepard, Alexandra Gender and Change: Agency, Chronology and Periodisation 2009 Oxford, UK ; Malden, MA
Shepard, Todd Guerre d'Algérie. Le sexe outragé. 2016 Paris
Shepherd, Verene Engendering History: Caribbean Women in Historical Perspective 1995 New York
Shepherd, Verene Working Slavery, Pricing Freedom: Perspectives from the Caribbean, Africa, and the African Diaspora 2002 New York
Sherry, Vincent B. The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the First World War 2005 New York
Shoemaker, Nancy Negotiators of Change: Historical Perspectives on Native American Women 1995 New York
Sidbury, James Resistance to Slavery 2012 London
Sieglohr, Ulrike Heroines without Heroes: Reconstructing Female and National Identities in European Cinema, 1945-1951 2000 London ; New York
Sigel, Lisa Z. International Exposure: Perspectives on Modern European Pornography, 1800–2000 2005 New Brunswick, N.J.
Silbey, David A War of Frontier and Empire: The Philippine-American War, 1899–1902 2007 New York
Emmanuel Sivan War and Remembrance in the Twentieth Century 2000 Cambridge
Sjoberg, Laura Gender, War and Militarism: Feminist Perspectives 2010 Westport, CT
Slater, Sandra Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400–1850 2011 Columbia
Sluga, Glenda Internationalisms: A Twentieth Century History 2017 Cambridge
Smelik, K.A.D. The Ethics and Religious Philosophy of Etty Hillesum: Proceedings of the Etty Hillesum Conference at Ghent University, January 2014 2017 Leiden; Boston
Soeters, Joseph L. Cultural Diversity in the Armed Forces: An International Comparison 2007 London; New York
Stavig, Ward The Tupac Amaru and Catarista Rebellions: An Anthology of Sources 2008 Indianapolis, IN
Stecopoulos, Harry Race and the Subject of Masculinities 1997 Durham, NC
Stephan, Maria J. Civilian jihad: nonviolent struggle, democratization, and governance in the Middle East 2009 New York, U.S.A.
Stites, Richard Culture and Entertainment in Wartime Russia 1995 Bloomington
Stone, Dan The Oxford Handbook of Postwar European History 2012 Oxford
Storm, Eric Colonial Soldiers in Europe, 1914–1945: “Aliens in Uniform” in Wartime Societies 2016 New York ; London
Stouffer, Samuel A The American Soldier: Adjustment during Army Life; Studies in Social Psychology in World War II 1949 Princeton, NJ
Hew Strachan Introduction: The Changing Character of War 2014 New York
Strachan, Hew The Changing Character of War 2014 Oxford ; New York
G. Bruce Strang Collision of Empires: Italy's Invasion of Ethiopia and its International Impact 2013 Farnham, UK ; Burlington, VT
Struck, Bernhard Conquered Territories and Entangled Histories: The Perception of Franco-German and German-Polish Borderlands in German Travelogues, 1792–1820 2012 Basingstoke, UK ; New York, NY
Sulkunen, Irma Suffrage, Gender and Citizenship: International Perspectives on Parliamentary Reforms 2009 Newcastle upon Tyne, UK