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This search screen is set up to allow users to to search for titles using one or more keywords. They can search for titles by author and publication date, but also look for titles that cover a specific region, country, time period or major war. In addition, users can narrow their searches with thematic keywords, based on a selection of broad terms defined by the editors of the Oxford Handbook of Gender and War since 1600 (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2018) including Karen Hagemann (General Editor), Stefan Dudink, and Sonya Rose. These terms represent some of the handbook's central themes and questions. For information on the various keywords and tags associated with this bibliography, filmography and webography, go to About the Search Options.

Author Title Year of Publication City
Body-Gendrot, Sophie Violence in Europe: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives 2007 New York
Manfred Boemeke Anticipating Total War: The German and American Experiences, 1871-1914 1999 Cambridge
Boerke, Arthur Mark Conscription in the Habsburg Empire to 1815 2009 London
Boesten, Jelke Marrying Your Rapist: Domesticated War Crimes in Ayacucho, Peru 2008 New York
Bolsø, Agnes Bodies, Symbols and Organizational Practice: The Gendered Dynamics of Power 2018 London
Bormann, Natalie 'We Didn’t Know There Was a Women’s Camp': The Haunting Qualities of Ravensbrück 2017 Basingstoke, UK
Bosbach, Franz Geburt oder Leistung? Elitenbildung im deutsch-britischen Vergleich 2003 Munich
Bösling, Carl-Heinrich Männer. Frauen. Krieg. Krieg und Frieden-eine Frage des Geschlechts? 2015 Göttingen
Bou, Núria El Cuerpo Erótico de la Actriz Bajo los Fascismos: España, Italia, Alemania (1939-1945) 2018 Madrid
Boudon, Jacques-Olivier Napoléon et les femmes 2013 Paris
Boulware, Tyler "We Are Men": Native American and Euroamerican Projections of Masculinity During the Seven Years’ War 2011 New York
Bouquet, Henry The Papers of Henry Bouquet 1951 Harrisburg, PA
Bouvier, Virginia M. Whose America?: The War of 1898 and the Battles to Define the Nation 2001 Westport, CT
Bowen, Warren H. A Military History of Modern Spain: From the Napoleonic Era to the International War on Terror 2007 Westport, CT
Brabant, Justine Impunité Zéro: Violences Sexuelles en Temps de Guerre: L'enquête 2017 Paris
Bradford, Helen Regendering Afrikanerdom: The 1899–1902 Anglo-Boer War 2000 Oxford
Bragança, Manuel The Long Aftermath: Cultural Legacies of Europe at War, 1936-2016 2016 New York
Branch, Adam The Responsibility to Protect and Africa's International Relations 2014 Oxford, UK
Branche, Raphaëlle Rape in Wartime 2012 Basingstoke, UK
Brändli, Sabina Von “schneidigen Offizieren” und “Militärcrinolinen”: Aspekte symbolischer Männlichkeit am Beispiel preußischer und schweizerischer Uniformen des 19. Jahrhunderts 1997 Stuttgart
Brändli, Sabina "... die Männer sollten schöner geputzt sein als die Weiber": Zur Konstruktion bürgerlicher Männlichkeit im 19. Jahrhundert 1996 Frankfurt am Main
Harald E. Braun Theorising the Ibero-American Atlantic 2013 Leiden, Netherlands
Braybon, Gail Evidence, History, and the Great War: Historians and the Impact of 1914-1918 2003 New York
Dominique Bréchemier Les femmes de l’Entre-deux-guerres: Quels chemins vers la notoriété? 2015 Paris
Brereton, Bridget Gender and the Historiography of the English-Speaking Caribbean 2002 Mona, Jamaica
Brian, Kathleen M. Phallacies: Historical Intersections of Disability and Masculinity 2017 New York
Bridenthal, Renate Becoming Visible: Women in European History 1998 Boston
Michael Broers The Napoleonic Empire and the New European Political Culture 2012 Basingstoke, UK
Broers, Michael Changes in War: The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 2011 Oxford, UK
Broomhall, Susan Governing Masculinities in the Early Modern Period: Regulating Selves and Others 2011 Farnham, UK
Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez African Women Writing Resistance: An Anthology of Contemporary Voices 2010 Madison
Brown, Christopher Leslie The Problems of Slavery 2013 Oxford and New York
Brown, Christopher Leslie Arming Slaves: From Classical Times to the Modern Age 2006 New Haven, CT
Brown, Judith M India 1999 Oxford, UK
Browning, Christopher R Holocaust Scholarship: Personal Trajectories and Professional Interpretations 2015 Basingstoke, UK
Brühöfener, Friederike Sending Young Men to the Barracks: West Germany’s Struggle over the Establishment of New Armed Forces in the 1950s 2014 Baltimore; Washington, DC
Brun, Catherine Guerre d'Algérie : Le sexe outragé 2016 Paris
Brüstle, Christa Von Grenzen und Ländern, Zentren und Rändern: Der Erste Weltkrieg und die Verschiebungen in der musikalischen Geographie Europas 2006 Schliengen
Buchner, Alex The German Army Medical Corps in World War II 1999 Atglen, PA
Buckley-Zistel, Susanne Gender in Transitional Justice 2012 Houndmills, UK