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This search screen is set up to allow users to to search for titles using one or more keywords. They can search for titles by author and publication date, but also look for titles that cover a specific region, country, time period or major war. In addition, users can narrow their searches with thematic keywords, based on a selection of broad terms defined by the editors of the Oxford Handbook of Gender and War since 1600 (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2018) including Karen Hagemann (General Editor), Stefan Dudink, and Sonya Rose. These terms represent some of the handbook's central themes and questions. For information on the various keywords and tags associated with this bibliography, filmography and webography, go to About the Search Options.

Author Title Year of Publication City
Cayton, Andrew R. L. Contact Points: American Frontiers from the Mohawk Valley to the Mississippi, 1750–1830 1998 Chapel Hill, NC
Cecil, Hugh P. The Forgotten Army of Women: The Overseas Service of Queen Mary Army Auxiliary Corps with the British Forces, 1917-1921 1996 London
Hugh Cecil Facing Armageddon: The First World War Experience 1996 London
Čerpinska, Anita Riga Export Trade at the Time of the Continental Blockade, 1807–1812 2014 Basingstoke, UK
Chandler, Robin M. Women, War, and Violence: Personal Perspectives and Global Activism 2010 New York
Charles, Carrolle Sexual Politics and the Mediation of Class, Gender and Race in Former Slave Plantation Societies: The Case of Haiti 1994 London
Charters, Erica Civilians and War in Europe, 1618-1815 2012 Liverpool
Chaves, María Eugenia Slave Women’s Strategies for Freedom and the Late Spanish Colonial State 2000 Durham
Cherpak, Evelyn The Participation of Women in the Independence Movement in Gran Colombia, 1780-1830 1978 Westport, CT
Frédérique Chevillot Des femmes écrivent la guerre 2007 Paris
Roger Chickering A World at Total War: Global Conflict and the Politics of Destruction, 1937-1945 2005 Cambridge; New York
Roger Chickering Total War: The Use and Abuse of a Concept 1999 Cambridge, UK
Roger Chickering Great War, Total War: Combat and Mobilization on the Western Front, 1914-1918 2000 Cambridge, UK
Roger Chickering Militärgeschichte als Totalgeschichte im Zeitalter des totalen Krieges 2000 Paderborn
Roger Chickering War, Society, and Culture, 1850-1914: The Rise of Militarism 2012 Cambridge
Roger Chickering Shadows of Total War: Europe, East Asia, and the United States, 1919–1939 2003 Cambridge
Chickering, Roger The Cambridge History of War: War and the Modern World 2012 Cambridge
Chickering, Roger War in an Age of Revolution, 1775-1815 2010 Cambridge
Chimènes, Myriam La musique à Paris sous l'Occupation 2013 Paris
Chimènes, Myriam La vie musicale sous Vichy 2001 Brussels
Christensen, Ann-Dorte Masculinity, War and Violence 2017 New York
Christie, Ryerson Critical Readings of Humanitarianism 2015 Abingdon, UK
Cicekoglu, Feride The Dubious Case of a Failed Coup: Militarism, Masculinities, and 15 July in Turkey 2019 London
Clampitt, Bradley R. The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory 2015 Lincoln
Clancy-Smith, Julia Domesticating the Empire: Race, Gender, and Family Life in French and Dutch Colonialism 1998 Charlottesville, VA
Claremont, Yasuko Civil Society and Postwar Pacific Basin Reconciliation: Wounds, Scars and Healing 2018 New York
Clark, Fiona Victims, Perpetrators or Actors? Gender, Armed Conflict and Political Violence 2001 New York
Clements, Barbara Evans Russian Masculinities in History and Culture 2002 Basingstoke, UK
Clinton, Catherine Reconstructing Freewomen 1992 New York
Clinton, Catherine Battle Scars: Gender and Sexuality in the American Civil War 2006 Oxford
Clinton, Catherine Divided Houses: Gender and the Civil War 1992 New York
Clogg, Richard Greece, 1940-1949: Occupation, Resistance, Civil War. A Documentary History 2002 New York
Close, David H. The Greek Civil War, 1943-1950: Studies of Polarization 1993 New York
Clyman, Toby W. Russia through Women's Eyes: Autobiographies from Tsarist Russia 1996 New Haven, CT
Cochran, Alfred W. The Documentary Film Scores of Gail Kubik 2001 New York
Cockburn, Cynthia "Why are You doing this to Me?" Identity, Positionality, Power and Sexual Violence in War 2011 New York
Cockburn, Cynthia The Postwar Moment: Militaries, Masculinities and International Peacekeeping, Bosnia and the Netherlands 2002 London
Cockburn, Cynthia The Continuum of Violence: A Gender Perspective on War and Peace 2004 Berkeley
Coetzee, Frans Authority, Identity and the Social History of the Great War 1995 Providence, RI
Cohen, Stuart The New Citizen Armies: Israel's Armed Forces in Comparative Perspective 2010 London