Secondary Literature on the Age of the Second World War

This collection includes secondary literature on the themes covered by the Oxford Handbook on Gender, War and the Western World since 1600. We have also added select secondary literature on regions and themes the handbook does not cover. The majority of the texts are in English with some texts in French, German or Russian.

The most important wars for this period include:

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1. Paramilitarism in Europe after the Great War: An Introduction (Robert Gerwarth and John Horne) (p. 1)

Part I. Revolution and Counter-Revolution

2. Paramilitary Violence in Russia's Civil Wars, 1918-1920 (William G. Rosenberg) (p. 21)

3. Bolshevism as Fantasy: Fear of Revolution and Counter-Revolutionary Violence, 1917-1923 (Robert Gerwarth and John Home) (p. 40)

4. Fighting the Red Beast: Counter-Revolutionary Violence in the Defeated States of Central Europe (Robert Gerwarth) (p. 52)

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