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GWonline is a collaboration of the UNC Chapel Hill Department of History, UNC ITS Research Computing and UNC Library and Information Technology. The academic board wants to thank all sponsors for their support and UNC IT Research and the team of graduate and undergraduate students who helped to create GWonline. Without their  this support and work the project would not have been possible.


Contact Project Board

  • Dr. Karen Hagemann (Project Director)

    James G. Kenan Distinguished Professor of History
    and Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Department of History
    Pauli Murray Hall, CB #3195
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3195

Sponsors and Collaborators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Donations & Contributions

GWonline was created with and continues to work on a  small budget as a not-for-profit public and digital humanities history project. We  appreciate any form of financial support and sponsoring for the continuation of our work, mainly the appropriate  payment of the undergraduate and graduate students who work on the regular  update of the project and its further improvement.

Tax-deductible donations and contributions by members of the general public are greatly appreciated. This would help us significantly to maintain the program.

If you feel you would like to contribute to support the GWonline project, with a tax deductible donation to the GWonline project, please contact Joanna Cardwell, Communication Specialist at the Arts and Science Foundation by phone or email: Tel. 919-962-8342, email: "".  She will give you a step-by-step instructions to ensure the funds are allocated the way you want them to be for the GWonline project.

Alternatively, you can make out a check to the "Arts and Sciences Foundation." Please write into the memo section of the check "Designation # 104738 - GWonline, the Bibliography, Filmography, and Webography on Gender and War." Please send your check to the Business Officer,  Department of History, UNC-Chapel Hill, Pauli Murray Hall (former Hamilton Hall) #3195, Chapel Hill, NC, 27599-3195. If you have questions please  email the project director Prof. Dr. Karen Hagemann (email:

You will receive a receipt for your tax deduction from the UNC Arts and Sciences Foundation in due course.

Thank you very much. We greatly appreciate your generosity.




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