Near and Middle East

Nesher, Avi. Ha-Lahaka. The Troupe. Israel, United States: Eastways Productions, 1979.
Mozer, iv, Yar. My First War. Israel: Mozer Films Ltd., 2008.
Jacir, Annemarie. Salt of This Sea. Palestine: Lorber Films, 2008.
Hornshtein, Roy. The Shelter. Israel: United King Films, 2007.
Gvili, Oren. Secure Space. Israel: Transfax Film Productions, 2008.
Arbid, Danielle. In the Battlefields. Sur les champs de bataille. Lebanon, 2004.
Alaouié, Borhane. Beyroutou el lika. Beyrouth la rencontre. Lebanon, 1981.
Tofano, Gilberto. Matzor. Israel, 1969.

One of the few Israeli films to explore loss and grief following the Six Day War.

Roth, Lynn. The Little Traitor. United States: Westchester Films Inc., 2009.
Hachem, Georges. Stray Bullet. Lebanon: Abboutt Productions, 2010.


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