Xiaoning, Feng. Purple Sunset. Zi ri. China, 2001.
Ping, Wang. The East is Red. Dongfang Hong, The East Is Red: A Song and Dance Epic. China, 1965.

Directed by Wang Ping, one of the very few women directors of Chinese cinema at the time. 

Tsui, Hark. The Taking of Tiger Mountain. China, Hong Kong: Distribution Workshop, 2014.
Ling, Zifeng, and Qiang Zhai. Daughters of China. Zhonghua nü er. China, 1949.
Ke, Zhang, and Sha Meng. Shangrao Concentration Camp. Shangrao ji zhong ying. China, 1951.
Tasaka, Tomotaka. Mud and Soldiers. Tsuchi to heitai. Japan, 1939.

Because of its life-like, documentary feel, the American army used clips of this film for a training reel during World War II.  

Okamoto, Kihachi. Fort Graveyard. Japan: Toho Company, 1965.
Kobayashi, Masaki. Tokyo Trial. Dōngjīng Shěnpàn. Japan, 1983.


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