Scandinavia (Denmark/Finland/Sweden/Norway)

Madsen, Ole Christian. Flame and Citron. Finland: Sandrew Metronome, 2008.

the filmmakers conducted eight years of archival research

Pedersen, Janus Metz. Armadillo. Denmark: TrustNordisk, 2010.
Bornedal, Ole. 1864. Denmark: Danmarks Radio, 2014.
Troell, Jan. Hamsun. Sweden: Svensk Filmindustri (SF), 1996.
Rønning, Joachim, and Espen Sandberg. Max Manus: Man of War. Norway: Nordisk Filmdistribusjon, 2008.
Moland, Hans Petter. The Last Lieutenant. Norway: Seventh Art Releasing, 1993.

The actions of 2nd Lt. Thor O. Hannevig, Norwegian Army (Reserve) during World War II serves as source material for the film.


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