Levinson, Barry. Good Morning, Vietnam. United States: Buena Vista Pictures, 1987.
Kubrick, Stanley. Full Metal Jacket. United States: Warner Bros., Columbia-Cannon-Warner, 1987.
Gaubry, Juliette Lafeychine. Tricornes et Bérets. Paris: Horay, 1954.
Mankiewicz, Joseph L. The Quiet American. United States: United Artists, 1958.

Based on The Quiet American by Graham Greene

Huynh, Luu. The White Silk Dress. Vietnam: Phuoc Sang Films, 2006.
Robson, Mark. Lost Command. United States: Columbia Pictures, 1966.

Banned in France until 1970.

Wargnier, Régis. Indochine. France: Bac Films , 1992.

For a scholarly review of the film for classroom use, see


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